New appartment!!! Yeah!

So, we are in our new place. The pictures don’t really do it justice. It is new, beautiful, spacious and… toxic. We’ll, I’m being a little dramatic there, but I’ll explain. We walked in and since you do not wear shoes inside here and it is flipping hot, after taking off our flip-flops, our bare feet were met with bright white dust. While we tried not to slip on the white dusty tile floor, we both looked at each other and questioned the cleaning that the woman was paid to do a few days before. Since we were exhausted from work (Cody) and not work (Me) we put our bags down and headed to bed.

In the a.m. I woke with the largest sinus headache in ages, and if you have talked to me the past year about my health problems in 2009, you know that it must have been horrendous. Instead of joining Cody at work like I was going to, I decided to stay at home and nurse my head. But instead of nursing it, I popped some IB and some prednisone, and fought the comfortable bed that was calling to me to get up and clean. I got a bucket and some water and scrubbed the walls in the entire place, twice in most areas. Unpacked our things. Vacuumed the floors. And mopped the tile floors on my hands and knees (which my knees did not appreciate.) But after all of that, the place no longer smells of packaging and toxins that over then next year would slowly kill us in our sleep. It is awesome and so well worth five straight hours of cleaning. Cody got home and was so relieved to have it all put together. I was too, but I had to confess to him that it was good that it was our place, because I would not have put that much effort into cleaning someone else’s place. He said that that is probably why the cleaning lady chose not to clean, even though our landlord said that she had already done it.






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