What Day Is It?

So, yesterday I hung out at our complimentary condo and spent one awesome day to myself. I read, cleaned, did pilates and took a nap (gasp!) It was Cody’s second day back to school and my first day as pretend “house wife.” I think I did alright, but it would have been better if we had food in the refrigerator that I could have cooked for dinner. We went out.

Today, I am back to being helpful, even though I still don’t know the date. I’ve been having trouble over here with knowing the date and it doesn’t help that they write it “day/month/year.”  For everyone who has been asking about those small MY differences, that is one of them. I didn’t even know I had the wrong one until Devin pointed it out to me through the last blog post.

My tasks for this morning have included finding kids music off of ITunes, downloading file folder games and coming up with activities that Cody’s kids can do as a group. Right now I have completed two out of the three tasks. The problem he is having is that his kids are not very independent and he has five of them, with only one aide. They are also very low in their academic skill levels and have behaviors. After talking over the first two days, we have decided that four out of his five students would have a 1:1 aide with each of them, but here, instead we are going to be creative and try to work something out. So with that said, if anyone has any suggestions for group activities/games send them over. So far I have suggested Ring Around The Rosie, but given that Follow the Leader did not work, as well as Red Light, Green Light, I am not feeling too confident with my suggestion.

On one last note, to all of our teacher friends out there, Happy First Day of School!

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