Monday September 10th…

Cody started work with students today so that means I am back to my familiar coffee shop getting free wi-fi and passing time. Can you just picture me? Head phones inserted into ears (because they play the same American soft rock CD all day every day. At first I was excited to hear Wilson Phillips when it came on the speakers, but when it came on the 17th time in 4 days, my ears began to bleed) laptop on lap (keeping my body warm in the frigged air-conned atmosphere), drinking a hot cup of earl grey that gets cold before it reaches my lips, with my cheap nokia in my lap so I can feel it vibrate if anyone happens to call me for a job.

To all of my facebook and skype friends, thank you for keeping me occupied while I wait out a job. Hopefully by this time next week I will have a place to earn money from, but if not, maybe I will be able to do this same very thing from the comfort of my own home.

Things here have actually been extremely easy. Cody and I were just comenting this weekend how nice it is to be living a constant vacation. It has been hard for me to find relaxing moments in my new relaxing lifestyle, but it is coming. I just think that I am so used to going at full speed for all hours of the day, that my body and mind are not used to this calm, slower paced lifestyle. Even when I sit down to relax, I have been finding about four things to do at once. Search for local recipes, search for local jobs, listen to music, chat with friends, ect.

A funny thing happened this weekend. Cody and I were taking a break from doing classroom prep and headed to our local mall after getting the keys to our new pad. As we walked by Borders I said to Cody “I wonder if they are hiring?” For anyone who knows me, they would understand that a job at a book store would be my ideal cake job. Boy do I love books. Cody responded back to me, “Well, the large sign next to the door says they are.” I walked up, read it and went to write the information down but decided that instead, I would go and inquire within. I walked up to the information desk and asked them for a job application. The five local boys with Borders t-shirts looked at me and one said, yes come this way. He took me toward the computer section and said “Java Application, these books are here.” I paused for a moment and said “I was asking for a job application for Borders.” He continued to stare at me longer. Then he lead me to the desk and told his friends that I wanted a job application… for Borders. They all started to smile and chuckle uncomfortably. Then a different boy asked me again “For Borders?” and I said “Yes, why?” They told me it was the first time a foreigner had ever asked for a job application… EVER. I decided that this job thing was going to be harder than I thought. When we got home that night, Cody pulled out the job application and said to me “This says that you need to post your religion.” Boy was this going to be harder than I thought.


One thought on “Monday September 10th…

  1. Wow, its like you have broken the time-space continuum. Your post is dated sept 7 but is titled sept 10th. Is this future Rorey?

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