Our Complimentary Appartment

When we arrived to KL, Tabitha was waiting for us with a lovely sign. We found her, hopped in the danger-van and got dropped off at our condo. Cody’s boss Sara, secured us a FREE place to stay temporarily. It was so generous of her and the place is fantastic. They have a pool, tennis courts and a work out facility. It also has a small market below and a restaurant, both of which are not uncommon in large residential facilities here in KL. Another thing about KL is that the condo’s and apartments are very large. For example, it is not uncommon for a couple to share a three bedroom place.

We are cooking fairly often in the place we are staying now although we do not have a range that we feel confident turning on thanks to the gas tank below and our inexperience with that. We also don’t have an oven. Having an oven is extremely rare here. I guess is too hot. We have been cooking our meals using toaster oven and the microwave, but we are really getting good at imitating local food and throwing together delicious meals using what we have. We could easily go out every night because it is so cheap, but we prefer not to. When we have eaten out though, the food has been delicious.

It rains a fair amount here but it usually comes in the evenings. Cody and I have been spending most evenings on the patio eating dinner and watching the rain. It is funny, because while we were searching for a permanent residence, we were hoping to find a place with a large patio, but in KL, nobody really uses it like we do in the states. It is typically too hot and the locals like to stay indoors with the air-con.

Below are some photos of the condo that we have been staying in before we secure our own place.





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