Going Away Party

My roommate Zack helped to throw us a joint going away/birthday party in the Oakland hills. It started out as a beautiful day as we tapped the keg but by by the time the taco truck rolled through, in pure bay area fashion, the fog and the bone chilling cold rolled in. Lots of people came to send us off and also send in another year for Zack. Our old roommate Neil also made it up from Las Vegas to celebrate. The beer was flowing that the tacos were rolling in as the day progressed. It was such an awesome event!

IMG_7855 IMG_7856

IMG_7862IMG_7877IMG_7878 IMG_7881IMG_7882IMG_7868

Although Zack only had about 4 hours sleep over the previous two days, due to his Firefighter work schedule, he did not disappoint us. He held with us until all hours of the night. After descending the Oakland hills, we walked into Berkeley for a night out on the town. We ended up at the Shattuck Downlow which is known for poor hip-hop and scuzzy men. It did not disappoint! It was fun dancing with everyone and visiting. A good time was had by all and by the looks of the next morning, maybe we had too much fun.


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