Welcome to Malaysia!!!

We made it “safely” to Malaysia.

Our first 12 hour plane right was quite nice.  We had 3 seats in a row for just the two of us.  Not to mention a personal entertainment center located on the seatback in front of us.  Rorey spent most of her time playing video games on her monitor, which has changed very little since we have been here.  Only it went from a seatback monitor to the cheapest Nokia phone we could find.  She loves playing a silly game called Nature Park. Besides the videogames, we had crappy movies galore.  I think the main stars were Beyonce, Mathew McConaWhoCares, and Hanna Montanna (there is no picture of Hanna, because Rorey did not watch that movie. She drew the line at Hanna.)



The food was a plus.  American and Asian dishes that tided us over, and Rorey’s vegetarian dishes were excellent. (Rorey recommends going vegetarian for any visitors making the flight.) We landed in Taiwan for a 5 hour layover and then back onto a similar plane for another 5hrs to KL.

Next thing we knew we were safely on the ground in Kuala Lumpur.  After exchanging some money, we went to stand in line for immigration.  After over and hour, Rorey and I went up to the desk together. The female officer took Rorey’s passport, looked at it for all of 10 seconds and stamped it.  Then I handed her mine.  She looked it over and said something I didn’t hear.  (Questioning look) and she repeated “Is this your daughter?” referring to me being Rorey’s daughter.  (Trick immigration question perhaps?)  “No I am not her daughter.”  (Another questing look)  she laughs and realizes her comment was a mistake. She then rambles through “daughter..ha ha, son…ha ha ha, are you married?”  “We are not married,” we reply nervously.  “Why not?  Are you going to marry soon?”  “No” we say.  Then she looks at my passport and starts typing into her computer for another 8 minutes as she continues the awkward inquisition into our personal relationship.  We stood there nervously trying to answer until it was over.  I got a stamp and we were on our way.


After much searching we found Tabitha (Ta-bee-ta).  She works at my school and arrived to meet us and help secure a taxi.  3 people and 8 bags (some weighing over 70lbs) was not going to be easy…

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