Best Roommate Ever!!!

Jessica wins the “Best Roommate Award!” ( Zack, you were a close second. The award is yours for the taking for “First Visitor to Malayisa.”)IMG_7849

We wanted to send out a special note to a great friend.  It has been a hectic schedule trying to live, work, pack, and move all while not having a car.  Luckily for us, Rorey lives with the best roommate ever.  Jessica went out of her way to accommodate us during a very stressful time.  She allowed us to have free use of her brand new (race) car to make trips back and forth from work, my apartment, and the storage unit.  She also packed her little hatchback with 8 bags and 2 passengers and drove us out to SFO at 10PM on a Monday night.  We wanted to make sure that she knows we appreciate all of her help, and know just how awesome she is.

We would also like to thank everyone else, and there were many, who offered their cars, time, assistance and support.  We are honored to have such a thoughtful and caring group of family and friends.  We couldn’t have had this great adventure without you.

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