Portland Bon Voyage

Liam, Taylor and Jade

Portland Friends

After a long, long drive up to Portland after camping with Dutch in Castle Crag State Park, we pulled off a fantastic going away party. The morning started off with Kate and Devin convincing us that we needed a keg, so with some internet searching, 20 minutes later we were picking it up. We ran to Fred Meyers to pick up some reinforcements and Cody’s family showed up just in time to help us finish setting up. People started streaming in around 2:00 and did not stop until around 8:00. Portland cooperated with beautiful weather and Susan’s new house was perfect for a small gathering. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. Kate and Devin drove up from Oakland with us and helped set up. Kendra made the journey all the way from Austin Texas. Dave entertained us with some guitar. Ned learned lots of new names. We met a lot of new babies and our two families and friends met for the very first time. It was such a nice way to say goodbye to everyone.

Cody and Liam

the Alton

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