One Too Many at the Alibi

After the party, we snuck out and went out to The Alibi. The charm of this bar begins as you are driving toward it on Interstate Avenue. The building lights look like you might be aproaching a casino, but instead, you are aproacing an awesome karayoke tiki dive bar with awesome cheap drinks. Although, Rorey treated it like a casino and took the opportunity to loose some bucks in the video poker machine, thanks to Oregon’s gambling regulations (or lack there of.) Kate, Devin, Chris, Sam and Blake met us for some tequila shots and pitchers of beer. The boys got up some liquid courage and seranaded the ladies with their stunning singing voices. God we’ll miss this place!


The Entire Gang


Kate and Devin


Chris getting fresh with Sam


Chris and Blake


Oh Boys…


sing it!


What are they singing?

P.S. Mom and Jess, we are both sorry for drinking so much that we were indisposed on Monday. We really thought the Taco Bell was going to save us. Thanks Kate.

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